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Back Amnesty's campaign for trade UNION rights in Turkey

Emphasising their long-held belief that trade UNION rights are human rights, Amnesty International are working with Turkish UNIONs to demand that trade UNION laws are brought into line with ILO standards. Although the main focus of the action is with the Turkish trade UNION confederations DISK and KESK R11; there was a big postcard campaign earlier this year R11; AI are now asking foreign supporters of the campaign to email the Minister of Labour. Turkey is applying to join the European UNION, and although it is clearly going to be a long process, securing proper trade UNION rights for its workers is a key element of that process: and will have benefits for workers everywhere else in the EU too. Please take the time over the holiday season to support Amnesty’s campaign, because stronger UNIONs anywhere mean stronger UNIONs everywhere.

To join the campaign: