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Trade Unions and Just Transition

Trade Unions and Just Transition Report’ of Prof. Dr. Ceyhun Güler and Prof. Dr. Seher Demirkaya have published by Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe) and the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DİSK).

Unions and Just Transition Exe Sum – Eng

This report has been written in a period where both production systems and working life are rapidly transforming within the scope of climate change strategies. Policies to combat climate change also bring up the need to reconsider the understanding of accumulation and distribution alongside a new production approach. In parallel, in discussions to be held in this context, if workers and their representatives are not among the determinants of the process, the working class will inevitably face problems that are difficult to compensate for due to the transformation experienced. Deepening insecurities, mass unemployment, exclusion from social protection, increasing inequality and injustice in working life will be among the forefront issues. In this report, preventive and corrective policies that need to be implemented in the transition process to avoid placing the cost of transformation on workers and their families are discussed as a union demand within the scope of a ‘just transition.’ The report aims to increase awareness and consciousness of social parties regarding just transition discussions and includes criticisms, demands, and suggestions related to the field from unions to concretize just transition policies comprehensively and holistically.”


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