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Press Declaration By DISK for ETUC European Action Day

Working class of Turkey extended their solidarity to European working class by adding their voices to European workers voices and  telling “Fight the Crisis: Put The People First”


Confederation Of Progressive Trade UNIONs Of Turkey (DISK) organized a press declaration in front of the Governmental Employment Agency of Turkey in Istanbul (İSKUR) in order to support the European Action Day against crisis called by European Trade UNION Confederation (ETUC) with the slogan “Fight the Crisis: Put The People First”. Workers who lost their jobs at Meha Clothing factory and Sinter Metal factory had joined the demonstration too. A press declaration made by the President Of DISK, Süleyman Celebi. During his speech Celebi emphasized on “importance of international struggle against international economical crisis”. Çelebi also said that ” The problems are same in everyhere, bosses act as they have unity in their minds, they attack workers rights, their unemployment pensions and there are mass layoffs everywhere. This is an inernational attack, so the defence of the woring class has to be international too.”