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40 000 UNION members were laid off

According to the data received from Turk-İş 40 thousand 775 UNIONist workers were laid off in 10 months period between October 2008 and July 2009 by the reason of “economic crisis.”

“According to the report issued by the “labor desk” formed by Turk-İş for the purpose of monitoring the reflections of the crisis on the workers, while 40 thousand 775 UNIONist workers were laid off, 44 thousand 340 workers were sent on leave without pay (LWOP).

Sectoral distribution of the lay offs is as follows:

53 members of Türk Metal, organized in automotive, metal industry and the like were laid off and another one thousand and 314 were sent on leave without pay. In July 2009, 100 UNIONist workers were forced to work for “half wages.” The laid off members of the said labor UNION amounted to 23 thousand 42 and those who were sent on LWOP were 23 thousand 82 within 10 months.

The number of Çimse-İş workers who were laid off within the same 10 months’ period were 8 thousand 610, workers on LWOP were 12 thousand 536.

85 members of Tekgıda-İş were fired within the same period and 447 members were forced to LWOP.

726 Petrol-İş members were laid off and 707 members of the UNION are on LWOP by the end of 10 months period.

In the period when the economic crisis began to show its effects, one thousand 716 members of Genel Maden-İş UNION became jobless. 3 workers of Türkiye Maden-İş which is active in the same sector lost their jobs.

Between October 2008 and July 2009, one thousand 300 workers of Dok Gemi-İş were laid off in, 248 members of Ağaç-İş UNION were laid off.

Within the period taken into consideration, 266 Deri-İş UNION members have joined the workers who had lost their jobs.

160 members of Basın-İş UNION organized in printing and press industry were fired due to “economic crisis.” 132 Selüloz-İş UNION members and 52 members of Gazeteciler UNION and 10 members of Tarım-İş UNION were amongst the workers who lost their jobs in 10 months period.