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An International Comparison of Gender Equality in Turkey

In an international comparison of gender equality Turkey ranks on place no. 126 among a total of 134 countries. This ranking was published by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The “Global Gender Equality Gap Report 2010” reviews gender equality under the four main aspects of “Economic Participation and Opportunity”, “Educational Attainment”, “Health and Survival” and “Political Empowerment”.

Turkey far back in economic equality

According to the report, Turkey ranks on the 131st place in terms of economic participation and opportunity, this is the third last position in the list of 134 countries. Only Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are further back. Pivotal criteria were the ratio of women employment, the ratio of women to men among legislators, senior officials and managers, technical and professional workers, wage equality for similar work and the ratio of estimated female-to-male earned income.


In educational attainment Turkey made it to place no. 109. The male/female ratio of literacy and the continuation of primary, secondary and higher education were considered in this field. Included in the health ranking were the sex ratio at birth and women’s and men’s healthy life expectancy. Turkey stands on the 61st position.

Considering the political empowerment, Turkey ranks on the 99th place. An evaluation was made based on the ratio of women to men in parliamentary positions and the ratio of years as prime minister or president to reveal the gap between men and women in political decision-making at the highest levels.

The Global Gender Equality Gap Report is being published annually since 2006. Compared with previous years, Turkey improved in the categories of health, political empowerment and health attainment whereas the country’s performance in economic participation and opportunity worsened.

Most and least successful countries

The most successful countries in closing the gender equality gap are the Scandinavian countries. Iceland (1), Sweden (2), Norway (3) and Finland (4) are leading the list. Spain ranks on position 11, Germany on 13, the USA on 19 and Cuba on place 24. Countries in Africa, the Far East and Asia are at the bottom of the list.