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Stop production and sale of sandblasted jeans!

Clean Clothes Campaign as an initiative that has been started by the Sandblasting Workers Solidarity Committee and the International Textile, Garment&Leather Workers’ Federation. Clean Clothes Campaign nowadays is planning to start an international campaign named “Stop Production and Sale of Sandblasted Jeans!” to stop the sale of sandblasted jeans.

At the turn of the 90s, sandlbasted jeans came into vouge. During the sandblasting process, jeans are shot with a high-powered spray of sand by the giant compressors. The people who wear these jeans are not aware of that the workers are catching a deadly illness called as silicosis. Thousands of workers who worked in unsecure working conditions are catched that ilness after a few months without knowing they have the illness. According to the official figures, 48 sandblasting workers died and 100 workers are ill conditioned due to the illness till today in Turkey. Sandblasting process is continuing to be applied especially in less developed countries like Turkey.

The Sandblasting Workers Solidarity Committee and Clean Clothes Campaign have been established by the workers who loose their friends because of silicosis. They are planning to start an international campaign against the production, sale and consumption of the sandblasted jeans. The campaign will start in 27 November 2010, GarageIstanbul. The campaign will be announced with a press statement that will be realized with the participation of the intellectuals and artists.

In the text that has been prepared for the press, it is stated that “It is not the coincidence to choose Istanbul for the initial point of the campaign. The struggle against the production of the sandblasted jeans started in Turkey before 3 years. Istanbul is the capital of the production of the sandblasted jeans for years. The world public opinion keep an eye on Turkey related the subject.” The persons from Clean Clothes Campaign states that if they raise the flag of struggle in Turkey, it would spread around the world. They aims to stop the perversion of the illness.