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Six millions work without social security benefits

Subcontractors in Turkey deny their six million employees social security benefits, so the DISK has decided to advocate on
their behalf.

According to DISK’s research, these workers are employed by both private and public companies, yet they have fallen through the administrative cracks as they are considered temporary workers based on short-term contracts which can simply be renewed again.

The National Education Ministry hired 478,000 personnel, including 150,000 temporary and 240,000 contracted laborers, in the last 6 years. The Ministry of Health hired 150,000 contracted laborers in the last 6 years, as well. Municipalities also prefer to hire contract
laborers. According to most figures, there are 175,000 contract workers currently working for various municipalities.

DISK reported that private and public companies exploit these workers beyond denying them social security. Their financial appeal now means that they account for 60% of the national work force.

DISK warned that recent legislation will further empower these employers vis a vis their contracted workers, creating an unjust subcontracting system.