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ETUC: Stop attacks against trade UNIONs in Turkey

We have in recent weeks witnessed an unprecedented wave of repression against Turkish trade UNIONists. At least 73 members of the public sector trade UNION KESK are currently in prison, some without charges. Others, such as the President of KESK, have been released on bail. The European Trade UNION Confederation (ETUC) has raised the issue on several occasions with the Turkish government and the European authorities, denouncing the attacks against affiliates of several Turkish member confederations.
The increasing repression against trade UNIONists, journalists, civil rights activists, students and defenders of women’s rights has led us to join the solidarity rally to be held on Friday, 6 July at noon, in front of the building of the Turkish delegation to the European UNION (Avenue des Arts 36-38) in Brussels. European trade UNION leaders will speak about the situation of trade UNIONists in Turkey in general during this demonstration.

The rights of Turkish workers are under attack: a new law adopted recently makes strikes in the air transport sector illegal. Proposed amendments to labour and trade UNION legislation do not comply with the fundamental standards of the ILO, nor the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The Turkish government is undermining all organised opposition. The international community cannot remain silent.