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#GeneralStrike Mourning for Ankara Massacre

Following the terrorist attack against “Labour, Peace and Democrasy Rally” in Ankara, labour movement called for mourning of 3 days and general strike of 2 days.

In a joint statement of Confederation of Progressive Labor Unions (DISK), Public Workers Labor Unions Confederation (KESK), Chamber of Engineers and Architects and the Medical Association of Turkey (TTB) expressed their outrage and declared they have agreed upon a general strike against the government and for peace. The call stressed, “To protest the fascist massacre and to commemorate the death of our friends we are now in mourning for 3 days. The general strike is on October 12 and 13.

“There is only one common call from all who are here,” said the president of KESK, Lami Ozgen, “They have massacred those who called for peace, who demanded peace now. This will not prevent us from struggling for peace and to stop the war!”

The president of DISK, the Confederation of Progressive Labor Unions, Kani Beko said, “We are not unfamiliar with these massacres. On May Day 1977, in the town of Maraş and Sivas, and only recently the killings in Diyarbakir and Suruç we have seen similar attacks. We have lost our friends here, in a meeting that was authorized 20 days ago. We will continue struggling until this fascist AKP government and the tradition of murders are held accountable. We will be following the developments until they are held responsible.”

Dr.Huseyin Demirdizen, from the Medical Association of Turkey TTB, said, “While the physicians the Health Workers Union were calling for blood donations, the government announced there was no need for blood. If the health workers were not already in the meeting ground the number of deaths and wounded would have been much higher.”