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Chinese Trade UNIONs visited DİSK

UNION officials from China’s Xinjaing province paid a visit to the headquarters of DISK. During the meeting with his Chinese colleagues, Musa Çam, the General Secretary of DISK said the international UNION movement must act together in the face of capital’s global movement.


In the meeting between Chinese and Turkish UNIONists, the teams discussed the economic relationship between Turkey and China and working conditions in the two countries among many other issues. Musa Çam also invited the Chinese delegation to DISK’s 13th General Assembly.


Li Zhimin, representing the local government workers from Xinjaing, China, said the ties between the two countries was strengthening every day. He also stressed the importance of strengthening the ties between the UNIONs.


Li Zhimin also mentioned the special historical ties between Xinjaing province and Turkey and said many of his relatives today lived in Turkey.


The representative from Xinjaing said “China was going through important changes but these did not amount to changes from its basic principles.” She added, “The whole world is following the changes occurring in China in the last 30 years. We also feel these changes from within. These changes demonstrate themselves in the economy and the social structure. We are in mutual relationship with many foreign countries. Multinational corporations are opening branches in Peking and Shanghai. Many Chinese corporations also invest in foreign countries. There are many foreign corporations in the north western part of China where Xinjaing is located with 20 million residents. There are a total of 2 million 600 thousand UNIONized workers in Xinjaing.”


Li Zhimin said they are working on issues like minimum wage, social security and unemployment insurance and they would be the guardians of basic necessities for the workers as well as the basic rights and freedoms.


Musa Çam, in his address said as a result of globalization, the conditions where low wages in one country may mean unemployment in others. He added that the international UNION movement should act in unity against the global movement of capital.