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EMEKLİ SEN is closed down!

“While closing down trade UNIONs; how dare you are talking about democratic rights and freedoms”



Ongoing case about the closure of DİSK / EMEKLİ-SEN has had the last meeting today. The decision of the case is to stop its all activities and the closure of EMEKLİ-SEN.


No doubt, this is a political decision which shows the double standarts of the AKP Goverment about democracy and freedoms. We would like to ask them, “While closing trade UNIONs; how dare you are talking about democratic rights and freedoms?”


Everybody knows that the law suit was brought by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of AKP Goverment which is talking about a new constitution, fundamental rights and freedoms and trade UNION rights and freedoms.


This decision is a very serious obstacle against the right and freedom of organising for millions of retired people. That is the real face of the Goverment, we can see easily how democrat they are.


Since EMEKLİ SEN has founded, we witnessed all types of anti-democratic practices and  prohibitions. AKP is taking a step forward on the other hand it istaking two steps back about democracy.


Now we are going to appellate then if it is necessary, we will bring the agenda to international courts.


In our opinon; EMEKLİ SEN is not closed down. This is just a begining for our struggle.


We kindly call you to be in solidarity with the struggle of retired people for a decent life and freedom of organising.


Suleyman ÇELEBİ

President of DISK