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750 Bursa Steel Workers on Strike

750 workers in Bursa’s third-largest steel factory who are members of a trade UNION have begun to strike.

Members of the United Metal-Workers’ UNION (DİSK/BMİS) working for Asil Steel Industry and Trade in Bursa have gone on strike in order to protest against the lack of a pay rise.

Large company disagrees with trade UNION

In a press briefing they told journalists that the employers had not been willing to engage with the trade UNION’s suggestions, and that this negative attitude had led to the strike.

The workers also said that the employers had offered a 3 to 9 percent in social rights for the next year.

According to a study on Bursa’s 250 large companies, Asil Steel is the third-largest machine/metal company in Bursa. In 2007, it was the tenth-largest company in terms of revenue. In terms of profits, it was placed among the first seven companies in Bursa.

Negotiations for a group contract started on 8 August 2008 and ended in disagreement on 19 September 2008.