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No To Commercialization Of Water

We, as the components of the Platform “No to commercialization of water” declare that we reject WWF 5th and all its supporters in Turkey and everywhere in the world. The WWF which is under the sponsorship of Turkish and international corporations claims that it will get civilizations together and makes general call to the 5th forum. Behind these calls with pompous words which confuse people, they aim to commercialize water, the sine qua non of all living organizms.

Pre-paid meters which are being &#73NSERTed to our houses is only one of important signs delating secret targets of WWF and its supporters. The only power which is able to stop this madness is the answer of peoples to the WWF, corporations and Governments.

This answer must be strong just like the voices of humanity and all living organisms and it must ripple like water. This answer must be reunited with the voices of our comrades in Ghana who had to pay water bills equal to the half of their wages. This answer must be united with the screams of agriculture workers in India where soldiers are on guard at the rivers and water basins in order to protect the interests of corporations. This answer must also be voices of our brothers in Great Britain who encountered with water shortage after privatisation of their water.

This answer is also the responses of municipality workers in Equador who lost their jobs soon after commercialization of water services. This is the answer of all rivers which are running with enthusiasm at Munzur, Black Sea region, Hasankeyf, Antalya and everywhere around the world. All these rivers are under the threat from big dams today despite they traditionally became the bread and hope for people and lands irrigated by these rivers.

It is not coincidental that our Platform makes its press meeting at this point. The WWF which is circuiting around the world in order to commercialize water resources and to associate people to this crime has chosen old batchery in Sutluce as home for itself this time. This alliance of Corporations, Turkish Government and the WWF aim to ring the knell of people in a place where animals were being butchered in the past. The name of this knell is “Urban Water Accord” of the WWF and its supporters.

They say that Sutluce, İstanbul, Turkey and world belong to them.

We say that the real owners of this country and our world is the peoples and all living organisms.

We, as the real owners of the world call:

All international water movements and people who resist against selling of our waters;

Against any further meetings of the WWF here or anywhere in the world

In order to muzzle WWF and water lobbies which are doing their best to commercialize water

And to demonstrate that cheating people wouldn’t be so easy to struggle for water all together.