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May Day 2009, İstanbul, Taksim Square

First massive May Day celebrations took place at Taksim Square led by DİSK with the participation of hundreds of thousands in 1976. May Day celebrations in 1977, led by DİSK again, started with the participation of 500 thousand people at Taksim Square. However 37 people lost their lives with the gun fire which was opened on them by some dark forces. Perpetrators of this case still couldn’t be found. The biggest provocation of political murders, collective assaults that have gone for years, still couldn’t be enlightened.

Our confederation DİSK announced that it wants to celebrate May Day 2007 again in Taksim, on the 30th Anniversary of 1977, together with KESK and many labour associations with the support of non-governmental organisations and political parties. Security measures executed during our march on Taksim, paralysed daily life. 1000 people was taken into custody. Tear gas was used to disperse the crowd. Nonetheless 5.000 people succeeded reaching Taksim to commemorate 1977.

A decision, led by DİSK, TÜRK-İŞ and KESK, is taken about celebrating May Day 2008 in Taksim with the support of other labour and trade UNIONs, left, social democratic and socialist parties. In the morning of May Day beginning as 06:30 DİSK head quarters besieged and tear gassed. Thousands of policemen from whole country was carried to İstanbul, all the roads that has access to Taksim been blocked. Hundreds were taken into custody, tens of them been wounded. Free celebration of May Day was prevented.

We didn’t give up our decision about celebrating May Day at Taksim Square. You should be following the current situation of our country. For year’s unidentified murders, collective assaults have confronted our country with several problems. The first and the bloodiest one is May Day of 1977. Our demands about remembering and uncovering of the perpetrators of this crime are indispensible. We never give up these demands. We will be at Taksim in 2009. We will fulfil our duty about both commemorating our martyrs and living in a democratic country.

We hope to celebrate a peaceful May Day this year. Therefore we need more solidarity and cooperation to celebrate May Day freely in İstanbul Taksim Square. We believe that your organisation would concern about this event. We hope that you will announce this concern of yours. We want you to join to May Day celebrations with the most immense participation within your possibilities.

However still it is not announced as holiday. Together with DİSK and other trade UNIONs we want to see you with us in the activities on May Day of 2009 in Taksim about; FINDING THE PERPETRATORS OF THE MASSACRE OF 1977, ANNOUNCEMENT OF MAY DAY AS OFFICIAL HOLIDAY.