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UNION of Student: We Want Gangs in court, not Children

“We Want Gangs, not Children, in Court on 23 April” The youth UNION Genç-Sen pointed out that there are 2,433 children currently in prison.

Nebi Altaylar Eskişehir – Eskişehir Student News Agency24 April 2009, Friday “Today is 23 April. A group of children became President, Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker for the day. But do they know who has been patting their heads?”

On the occasion of Children’s Day yesterday (23 April), the Students’ Youth UNION (Genç-Sen) gave a press statement in which they called for the release of the children held in prison: “Gangs, not children, should be put on trial.”

Running makes children suspicious
Tolga Çakmaklı said that there were 2,433 children were in prison, and that some of them had been detained just because “they had been sweating or were breathing fast,” and this had made them suspicious.

Hypocrisy of political leadership
He described government officials as “bad uncles with stone hearts”, saying that they “today again look into our eyes from the televisions, saying that R16;Children are the future.’ While they are talking, we are embarassed, because we remember our brothers and sisters in prison.”

Others get off lightly…
The youth UNION also referred to other prison sentences, saying, “In our country, a police officer killing a civilian by kicking him and a murderer bombing a McDonald’s are released after six years, but children throwing stones are handed 38-year prison sentences. Children will spend their lives in prison for throwing stones, but people who kill others or murderers who throw bombs get away will light punishments and re-enter society.”

Çakmaklı added, “Children are only children. Stone-hearted bad uncles, keep your hands off children. Let the gangs be put on trial instead.”