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ETUC's Paris Declaration

On 27 and 28 May 2009, all European trade UNION leaders met in Paris to discuss possible solutions to the crisis. During this conference which was organised by the European Trade UNION Confederation (ETUC), European trade UNIONs endorsed the Paris Declaration. 

The Paris Declaration’s aim is twofold: fight the crisis and push forward a more equitable society. The declaration is built on five key points, namely:

  • more and better jobs: invest in an expanded European recovery plan;
  • stronger welfare systems to provide more security and equality and avoid social exclusion;
  • stronger workers’ rights and an end to the dominance of the short-termist market principles;
  • better pay: stronger collective bargaining;
  • European solidarity as a protection against the excesses of financial capitalism.

To download the ETUC Paris Declaration, please visit: