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Trade UNIONists Call on New Cabinet to Do Its Duties

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced a reshuffle in his cabinet on Friday (1 May) evening. On Monday (4 May), the duties were distributed among the State Ministers.

The trade UNION leaders demand the following:

A social programme in order to protect the unemployed and the poor from the effects of the economic crisis. They suggest, for instance, a lifting of taxes on education, health, accommodation and food for the poor.

All three organisations have demanded a longer period of unemployment benefits and easier access to the benefits in the first place. Uslu also wants a special “social support fund” to be created, so that a kind of poverty wage could be paid out.

DİSK has called for trade UNION laws, which have been kept waiting in parliament, to be rearranged according to international laws. Everyone should have the right to form a trade UNION.

KESK has emphasised that the right to strike and to labour agreements for public employees has been proven by ECHR case law.

HAK-İŞ has called for a development model that focuses on employment.
DİSK and KESK representatives have called for urgent steps in the Kurdish issue and work on a democratic constitution.