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Violation of Trade UNION Rights in Turkey / DİSK / 2010

Trade UNION membership is still a basic reason for dismissal.

Thousands of workers lost their jobs because of being member to trade UNIONs. Especially in metal sector thousands of workers were dismissed only because of their trade UNION activity. Trial of workers of Sinter Metal factory in Istanbul Dudullu, in order to turn back to their jobs is going on for more than a year.  Turkish Kizilay (Red Cross) which is a charity, dismissed its workers who became members of trade UNION and instead of recognizing the trade UNION, they have preferred to pay compensation after the court verdict. 

Trade UNION activity is considered as a criminal act by both Prime Minister and Security Forces.

In his various TV speeches the Prime Minister mentioned trade UNIONists as criminals and defined trade UNION activity as a crime. Local security forces prevented both press declaration and strikes organized by trade UNIONs by using force. Security forces tried to prevent the strike organized by DİSK/Tekstil in Çemen Textile factory in Gaziantep. Adana police department gives fine punishments to DISK after every press declaration.

Mass demonstrations are prevented by force.

Until May day 2010 all May Day demonstrations and many trade UNION activities were prevented by excessive police force .Many people were hurt and affected by tear gas due to police attacks. TEKEL workers demonstrations were also tried to be prevented by repressive measures like police custody and tear gas.

The arrestments of trade UNIONists are worrying us.

Trade UNIONists have been arrested because of defending workers rights and interests. Member of DISK Executive Board and President of Nakliyat R11; Is trade UNION Ali Rıza Küçükosmanoğlu was kept in jail for a month between December 2009 and January 2010.

Closure trials of trade UNIONs are still going on.

There are closure cases against Emekli-Sen which is member of DISK and FERPA; and Student and Youth Trade UNION Genc-Sen. Right now Emekli-Sen case is in European Court of Human Rights. Genc-Sen trial is still going on.

Assassination case has been continuing for 30 years

The case related to the assassination of the founding president of DİSK Kemal Türkler has not been resulted yet for 30 years. His family and the journalist were not allowed to attend the trial that was taken place on 2010, October 21. The trial that was postponed to the date of 2010, 1 December is under the risk of being subject to expiration.

The punishment given to the accused is insufficient in the assassination attempt to the president of DİSK Süleyman Çelebi.

Within the context of assassination attempt to the president of DİSK Süleyman Çelebi on 2009, September 6; the accused was punished with 5 years imprisonment.

The metal workers who are organized, are subject to dismissal.

In the framework of the organizing campaign carried out by the DISK Birleşik Metal İş in various workplaces at nationwide, the UNIONists confront many kinds of obstacles such as dismissal, forcing to resign from membership, physical attack and violence. More than dismissed 400 UNIONists in metal sector have been struggling for regaining their work.

Labourers in education sector want to be organized

The workers who are the member of DISK Sosyal-İş have been going on their struggle against dismissal and outsourcing in İstanbul Bilgi University which is the member of Laureate International. For the first time in Turkey, workers have been carrying out organizing activities in a private university. Some of them were already dismissed because of their trade UNION activities. UNIONists are continuing their activities and resistance with the support of the students in the university.

Outsourcing in health sector is dangerous for people’s health.

Nurten Toplu, DİSK Dev Sağlık İş’s shop steward in Koceali Derince Hospital was dismissed on 2010, October 1 after she gave a petition asking for her participation to the preparing process of tender specifications of outsourcing.

Struggle of Woman Cleaning Sub-Contract worker was resulted in victory.

Türkan Albayrak who is working AS Pasabahce State hospital as Leiharbeiterin for Piramit cleaning company as a sub-contract worker, became the member of trade UNION while protesting the precarious and heavy working conditions. After her membership, she was dismissed and she started her fight for their rights for regaining their work. Thanks to her decisive resistance for 118 days in front of the hospital, she won the fight and regained her work.