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Major Earthquake

The eastern city of Van was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Sunday, 23 October. Guessingly more than 200 people died and more than a thousand people were injured in the quake.  Search and rescue operations are going on and there is a concern about death toll rise

DİSK has many members in the region, especially among general service workers.

Our branch organizations launched search and rescue operations and our UNIONs from all around the country started a solidarity campaign. Executive Committee of DISK is on the way to Van.


Our grief is not indefinable. We will do our best to dress the wounds.


As soon as we heard the earthquake, a delegation of DİSK including General Secretary, executive members and regional executives, traveled to disaster area. We have many members in the region especially among municipal workers.


We are afraid of rise in death toll. Mourning of people who lost their relatives and houses, general anxiety in the territory and adverse weather conditions are aggravating the struggle for survival. There are several drawbacks in search and rescue operations and lack of coordination to supply aid.


Solidarity is courtesy of the oppressed.” We believe that poor natives of Van will get over the difficulties. Trade UNIONs and allies are mobilizing to bring aid to disaster area.


We received numerous solidarity messages from international trade UNION movement. Those messages strengthening us.