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General Assembly of DISK

New Executive Committee of DISK was elected, as a result of the Extra Ordinary General Assembly which took place in Istanbul on 6.04.2013. Mr. Kani Beko, General Secretary of Genel-İş UNION, was elected as the President and Ms. Arzu Atabek Çerkezoğlu, President of Dev Sağlık-İş UNION, was elected as the General Secretary.

Struggle against UNION busting, subcontracting, private employment agencies and flexibility will be the priorities of the New Executive Committee.

Members of Executive Committee:
Mr. Kani Beko (UNION Of General Services Workers, Genel-İş, PSI) Ms. Arzu Atabek Çerkezoğlu  (UNION Of Progressive Health Workers) Mr. Alaaddin Sarı (UNION Of Petroleum, Chemıcal And Rubber Industry Workers, Lastik-İş, IndustriALL), Mr. Celal Ovat (UNION Of Food Industry Workers, Gıda-İş), Mr. Ergun Tavşanoğlu (UNION Of All Paper And Cellulose Industry Workers, Tümka-İş, IndustriALL), Mr. Metin Ebetürk (UNION Of Social Insurance, Education, Office, Commerce, Cooperative And Fine Arts Workers, Sosyal-İş, UNI Global), Mr. Muzaffer Subaşı (UNION Of Textile Workers Tekstil, IndustriALL).