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Solidarity Action for Korean Workers in Istanbul

DİSK organized a solidarity demonstration with KCTU, in front of the Korean Consulate in Istanbul.

DISK President Kani Beko, read a press statement about the demonstration. During his speech, he strongly condemned the police attack against KRWU and KCTU.

He told that “if Korean government invites Korean workers to a fight, we also accept that invitation and that fight will take place every corner of the world where there are workers” and added “after the attack against KCTU building, every workplace, every branch, every building where DISK flag is waving, today also belongs to KCTU too.”

He also emphazised that, the Korean workers and KCTU has always stodd shoulder to shoulder with us, during May Days, arrests of DİSK and KESK members and also most recently during the Gezi Park demonstrations they have always showed us their solidarity and support and now is our turn, and we won’t leave our brothers and sisters alone, as long as their struggle continues we will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.”

During the demonstration, workers chanted slogans like; “Long live international solidarity” “Korean workers are not alone” and carried banners in Turkish, Korean and English.

Korean Railway Workers' Union (KRWU) is not alone!

Korean Railway Workers’ Union (KRWU) is not alone!


We condemn the police raid on the KCTU – Korean workers are not alone!


We support the Korean railway workers’ strike