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SOMA: It is a workplace murder not an industrial accident!

We are furious, we are calling whoever is responsible to account and we’re initiating a work stoppage! We know whoever the responsible of the massacre in Soma is.


Hundreds of our brothers working in Soma mines have been forced to work in inhuman production process in order to make maximum profit since the matter of promoting workers’ health and security measures are considered in accordance with the pros and cons of expenditures. It means they have been left for dead since the beginning.

Who has carried out the policies of privatization and been promoting subcontractors, who has intended to kill workers in order to reduce the costs and who has encouraged them are the perpetrators of the Soma massacre. Whoever justifies previous massacres of the mine workers by their statements and practices and who has privatized even the occupational health and safety inspections via the law on occupational security are responsible. They all must give an account.

As DİSK (Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey), KESK (Confederation of Public Employees’ Trade Unions), TTB (Turkish Medical Association) and TMMOB (Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects), we are calling the whole worker class, laborers and the friends of the laborers to get into the act for our worker brothers in Soma.

· We are extending our actions and making massifying the actions that are carried out workplaces across Turkey on May 14, 2014 Wednesday.
· We are wearing our black clothes and putting black ribbons on our clothes on May 15, 2014 Thursday. At 09:00 o’clock in the morning of 15 May we are standing in silent homage for 3 minutes in all workplaces across Turkey. After three minute’s silence we are initiating work stoppage and we are marching to the Labor and Social Security Head Offices in the provinces.
· We are also calling all people living in Turkey to wear in black, putting on black ribbons and putting black canvases on their houses’ and workplaces’ windows and/or cars.

workplace murder not an industrial accident!

a murder not an industrial accident!